With over 24 years of experience, Jim Hale has protected the rights and futures of hundreds of individuals, both as a Public Defender and a private attorney. He has a solid reputation as a trial attorney and for being responsive, dedicated, and thorough.


It's no secret that planning and preparation pays off.  At Jim Hale Law, we place an emphasis on details, as that is what allows us to provide you with the best legal advice and build the best strategy.

Throughout history, people such as George Washington, John Adams, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., and many others, have fought to establish and protect basic Constitutional rights for all persons residing within the United States.

Unfortunately, due to high crimes rates, the need to hold someone accountable for those crimes and/or ambition of law enforcement personnel, shortcuts are often taken which result in violation of the most basic of these Constitutional rights, such as unlawful search and seizure, Fifth Amendment rights, and the right to counsel.

Convictions of crimes resulting from violation of Constitutional rights and/or inadequate trial representation will have a profound impact on one’s future, including, but not limited to:

Jail time
Loss of reputation
Loss of voting rights
Inability to possess a firearm

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