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Criminal Defense

Domestic Violence

A conviction for domestic assault becomes part of your permanent criminal record. Even a misdemeanor conviction – can hurt you when you are looking for a job or applying to rent a house or apartment. Only someone familiar with the local criminal court system and cases like yours will know how good your chances are for a favorable outcome in court or at the negotiating table. Jim Hale will take all of this into consideration, assist you in making decisions about your case, and protect your rights.

A conviction for rape or other sex crimes has dire consequences, including being listed on the Sexual Offender Registry, affecting your ability to go to basic school functions for your children, and impacting where you are able to live or even visit. Thus, it is critical to have a competent, experienced attorney like Jim Hale on your side to represent you through these proceedings.


Sex Crimes

A criminal charge of any kind is not just daunting - it can haunt you for the rest of your life. To effectively protect yourself, you need Jim Hale with his exceptional criminal law background and plenty of resources.

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